This refuge

I admit that it is strange that I set out on this path. No, actually, it’s not that strange at all. Let me not rewrite history, convincing myself that I was mainstream. I set out on this path because it was my refuge. I was never going to fit into that other world I left behind.

All that I once desired, I know would never have worked. I wasn’t built for that environment. I was never a party animal. I was timid, shy and oversensitive. My face didn’t fit amidst the crowd. I appeared socially awkward to those around me. I was once bitter about rejection, but I’m not anymore. That was not written for me.

What was written for me, I wouldn’t change. Three years after taking up this path, I was sent another lifeline. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’m glad that was the one time I was stubborn and followed my heart. Twenty-one years later, she remains my fortress.

I stumbled onto this path because it enabled me to be myself. I know that to others it looks like my life is restricted and boring, but in truth it always was. It’s just that now it is my choice.

This path is my sanctuary. It can be yours too, if you’re lost and broken.

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