Introvert at work

I keep seeing articles about the supposed superpowers of introverts in the workplace. One such power: they’re resilient because they’re used to being ignored.

To which I say, “Nonsense.” Just because you’ve had a lifetime of being sidelined, it doesn’t mean it gets any easier. It just means you don’t make a fuss about it, and you’re probably less likely to reach out for support when you’re on the verge of burn-out.

Another such power: they’re self-motivated, so put their heads down to work with minimal supervision, solving problems alone. Sometimes a good thing, but it also means you become a single point of failure. Like the previous example, it probably means you’re not getting the levels of support you actually deserve or need.

I suggest the reason introverts just get on with it and go above and beyond is because it took them so long to get their foot in the door because they didn’t have an “interview personality”. By that stage, you just do whatever it takes to keep going, with little career progression. Not exactly a healthy approach to work.

Let’s have less superpower articles, and more practical advice for those of a quieter temperament at work.

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