One month

Just a month ago, I penned these sentiments:

Peering through the window of my carriage on the way, taking in the unending cityscape and the multitudes of the unknown behind panes of glass, a thought belatedly occurred to me: “How preposterous to think you will ever reacquaint yourself with those you once knew!”

Ambition, 8 March 2022

And then the very next day I reacquainted myself with some of those I once knew. It turned out, that despite migrating down south to a city of nine million people, we had been living as near neighbours for years.

Of course, this has happened before. I witnessed it in Turkey. I witnessed it in this little market town we now call home. I witnessed it in Brixton. I once witnessed it in an underground tube carriage. In fact, my whole life has been filled with weirdness like this.

Signs on the horizons and within yourselves.

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