This heart

Perhaps I journeyed on the road seeking faith because my heart was broken. Perhaps I innately knew these words to be true: “Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest!”

I was twenty-one when I took up this path. It did not end my heartbreak, though. The same rejection that I’d encountered over and over up until that point continued, just for different reasons. Sectarianism, racism, politics, assumptions, lies.

What a strange road I have travelled. So much alienation. What a strange lifetime to have lived. It’s not that I regret this adventure; I found comfort in those closest to me, after all.

It’s just that this afternoon it occurs to me what is wrong: I have spent too much time seeking the approval of people. Chasing acceptance, acknowledgement, acclaim.

Has the time now come to truly believe, seeking all that I need from my Lord alone? Is it not time to truly remember the One and let my heart at last find rest?

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