This tribe

Never act seeking the pleasure of people. If you do, you will be sorely disappointed. Always act seeking the pleasure of the One.

If I had taken up this path seeking the pleasure of people, I am sure I would have abandoned it long ago. From the earliest days, I have encountered every kind of prejudice. The rampant sectarianism, the tribalism, the racism, the elitism, the raw contempt and hatred.

Had I been seeking other than the One, I might have responded, “You know, I can’t be bothered with your communal issues. I’m out of here.”

Had I absorbed the foibles of those I encountered, I would quickly have concluded that I do not belong. Certainly, there are many I do not belong amongst, but that was never the contract I made. I wasn’t pursuing them. I was pursuing a path capable of transforming my soul and life.

By God’s mercy, I found my tribe. People defined not by what they look like or where they’re from, or who their parents are, or by how much money they have — but by what is in their hearts. We are diverse in our outward forms, but inwardly we pursue much the same thing. To return to the One who created us, our efforts and intentions accepted.

We seek truth and truthful living; compassion and patience; contentment with our provision; humility and self-control; wisdom and courage. Anyone who seeks these things is with me. I am with them. This is my tribe.

Oh seekers, seek.

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