Sincere remorse

Forgive those who wrong you. Apologise to those you wronged. Give up wronging others. This has been my mission the past year or so.

Most I have wronged, I know I have little hope of ever reaching, but still I try. I have sent many an email, message, letter and card; for those that remain, I just post messages here, in the hope that they may one day find them, though I know that is highly unlikely. After that, there is only weird coincidence or the supernatural — perhaps an angel will whisper into their ears.

Those who have wronged me: I think it’s just time to forgive and forget. So, yes, I forgive. And if any of them feel the need to reach out to apologise to me, feeling the same remorse as me but in return, then I pray that the One puts comfort in their heart. I carried a lot of hurt with me for many years, but in the end you just have to bury your grudges and move on. All is forgiven as far as I am concerned.

To give up wronging others is harder. That is a continuum. We have children, spouses, parents, siblings, neighbours, colleagues, friends. Each new day presents a new opportunity to do good or bad. We can try to be watchful of our behaviour, but inevitably we fail. In these cases, it’s important to forgive and apologise as soon as possible. Don’t let these things fester for another twenty years.

I forgive those who wronged me. To those I wronged: I’m sorry. I will try harder to be a better person from here on, though undoubtedly I will fail. Rinse and repeat.

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