When we were clowns

I don’t know if I wronged you, or you wronged me, or if it was a bit of both. Either way, I’m sorry.

I know my friend spoke to you, though I didn’t ask him to, nor do I know what he said; all I know is that it only made matters worse. We became bitter enemies then. Was it something I did or something I said, or did you simply know my backstory? Whatever it was, I’m sorry for my part.

I should have had the courage to say that then, but I didn’t. It must sound feeble coming after so many years have passed, but I’m truly sorry if I annoyed you back then. We were clowns in those days, that’s for sure.

Of course, I know I am writing into the ether here. Perhaps an angel can carry my apologies into your ear. I have no way of reaching you otherwise. Perhaps that is for the best. I am sincerely sorry. Wishing you peace and happiness, wherever life takes you.

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