Ease and contentment

If people knew what their traditions contained, away from devotions to symbols and identity, they would find peace. If they could look beyond the zealotry of the outwardly religious, they would find all that their hearts desire.

Their sages were non-conformists, opposing superstitions and backwardness. They were intent on aiding the poor and opposing tyranny. Their words are light, guidance for all.

Ah, but alas: their wisdom has been obscured by devotees who have transmogrified the message into something else entirely.

The path is made difficult because it has been supplanted by outward forms. Cultural expectations have taken the place of ethical precepts. It was never meant to become so hard. It was supposed to liberate the soul.

Farid, answer evil with goodness; do not fill your mind with anger.


The way is a path of ease, bringing ease and contentment to those that embrace it. It was a simple path for the seekers seeking.

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