Jigsaw pieces

Genuinely, truthfully, honestly: I’ve never been more grateful that I was the geek kid than I am today.

I admit that for many years I didn’t feel this way. No, I hated it. I hated that everyone called me this, writing me off as a nobody unworthy of respect. But today? No, I’m so glad that’s all I was to the people who knew me.

Genuinely, truthfully, honestly: I’ve never been more grateful that I was chased away than I am today. Obviously I didn’t feel that way once. It played on my mind for a very long time. I felt I had been wronged.

But today: genuinely, truthfully, honestly, I realise it was the perfect design. Divine poetry. No, I wouldn’t exchange the life I have now for all the world.

An appeal to the young man or woman reading this, harangued by those who diminish you to nothing. Be patient and be glad. Today you only have a few pieces of the jigsaw. In another twenty years, you will have a few more. In another decade after that, you may begin to recognise the picture. At your life’s end: who knows what masterpiece you will discover before you?

Be grateful for these small mercies. Embrace what you are. Don’t let others intimidate you and dictate your worth. Be kind to yourself. Don’t let the small-minded prejudices of others diminish your self-image. Be content in all that you are.

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