illusory enjoyment

The world — dunya, maya — is my great test these days. Everywhere I turn, people seem to be pushing it in my face and now a little voice petitions me from within: “Why did you pursue faith in your youth?” That voice (waswasa) whispers: “That could have been you!”

Family, friends and old acquaintances seem to be waving all that glitter and gold before me, and I admit my heart responds in kind. I admit that I interrogate myself daily, demanding of my soul: “Why did you pursue this path?”

The answer to that: perhaps I took the Beatitudes too much to heart in childhood. Perhaps my youthful soul was more alive to the call of faith. The answer: perhaps because I had once had it all, but yet was still not happy.

In truth, the life of this world is merely illusory enjoyment. Sab moh maya hai. All the religious traditions teach this eternal truth, but how easy it is to be deceived.

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