Mistakes make us

I’ve written a mountain about regret the past few years, particularly through the pandemic.

Regrets for not following my dreams… or having dreams large enough to grasp hold of. Regrets over a lack of ambition and self-confidence in those formative years.

Regrets when successful friends and minor celebrities come around for tea, and discover me still a nobody engaged in the mundane, residing in a tiny house, unknown by all. 

These regrets come and go, ebb and flow. For days on end I find myself subsumed in grief for all the failures I have been… until it hits me: mistakes are underrated.

Our mistakes make us what we are… though it usually takes my beloved to smile at me and call me a daft buffoon for this to become real. I’m not a failure: I have just lived my life differently.

One thought on “Mistakes make us

  1. Look at this way: Successful friends and minor celebrities still making the effort to come see you and have tea. In my book, this is success; folks considering one worthy enough to spend their most important commodity : their time. This is not what happens in lives of ‘no bodies’.

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