I called a company to come and do work on my house. I’m an IT professional and earn a decent living, but we live in a tiny house in a working-class area. 

He took a look at me and my house, then immediately said: “Let’s not beat about the bush. We don’t take jobs smaller than £6K. You wouldn’t be able to afford that, would you?” 

Needless to say, he didn’t get the job. It wasn’t about the money, but his attitude. 

There are many reasons people choose to live where they live. Ours, to live within our means without a mortgage. But a lot of people judge on appearances.

One thought on “Appearances

  1. A blessing in disguise.
    You should have told him that you were not looking for an mbs.
    There is a prince who cannot afford your lifestyle even if he were to spend all his wealth.


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