Shock horror: that really hilarious [/sarcasm] billboard and viral media campaign featuring a bloke asking women to save him from an arranged marriage turned out to be an advert for an online matrimonial business.

Surprised? Not really. I suspected it was the prelude to some kind of corporate reveal the first time I saw it and cringed when I saw good friends promoting it.

I wonder what the community reaction would have been had it featured a hijabi lady instead of a beared buffoon. If it had gone viral, it surely wouldn’t be for the fuzzy warm feeling it gave much amused bros everywhere.

A few days ago I said to a friend: good luck with the GDPR issues dealing with all that data collected under misleading pretenses. Now it turns out I was probably right. Can’t wait for the ICO to get their teeth into that.

Personally, I hope these guys get their just desserts. As for those who fall for such stunts… Well it’s all good fun until it’s not. Perhaps there was something in my initial response after all: in my day you just said a little prayer, biding your time for the woman of your dreams, courtesy of the Most Merciful. But then I’m old skool… life was simpler back then.

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