The hobbyist author

I think I have reconciled myself to being an amateur who writes for pleasure. 

That’s not to say I won’t publish in some minor way, but I think I recognise that the traditional publisher / agent route is not the one for me. If I do publish, I think I’ll most likely go down the Amazon KDP route, but this time I plan to do everything properly. 

My 25-year project is currently with a professional editor, due for completion late February. This was quite an investment, but I said to myself: “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and so bit the bullet.

Whether it is ultimately read by anyone… well, that is a concern of all authors. It turns out publishers only promote a tiny proportion of their books. They naturally favour extroverts and celebrities they know will help turn a profit down the line.

In short, much as I fantasise of sitting in my study to pen best-selling novels in a house on the side of a hill with views over the Black Sea and Caucus mountains, I realise it can only really be a hobby. Perhaps that’s as it should be.

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