I may be wrong

I might be wrong in absolutely everything. My opinions may be completely off track, founded on misinformation or supposition. I may be the great unjust.

Yes, these are the thoughts that occur to me this morning. Those that I rail against: they are likely better men than me. The causes they champion. Perhaps they reveal them as defenders of all that is good and virtuous, and expose me only as a piece of worthless foam battered by the ocean.

Perhaps these men are the best of the best. Perhaps I am the worst of the worst. Perhaps I am wrong for not just stepping into line and acting in one with the community. Perhaps I am mistaken in holding my own opinions. Perhaps my opinions are pure heresy, influenced too much by my culture and upbringing.

Perhaps I just cannot see it because I am too far removed from the realities of my brethren. Perhaps those I rub shoulders with, whose manners cause my heart to ache, whose words repulse me: perhaps those people are true, and me; just dust, blown by the wind.

Yes, these are the thoughts that occupy me at fajr. May God forgive and guide me. O my Lord, make me true and sincere, walking this path as You desire. O Allah, allow me to return to you in a good state and make me of the Siddiqin, Shuhada and Saliheen.

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