A pile of problems

We think that good intentions can transform even the most foolish or most impractical acts into the most amazing and good. Well, yes, of course we say: may they be rewarded for their good intentions.

I don’t doubt whatsoever that my friend had excellent intentions; that his actions came out of his great big heart; that he was driven by nothing but kindness and the desire to do good. May he be rewarded for those intentions.

But the act… those good intentions leave me with a headache of mammoth proportions. A pile of problems I will be compelled to spend weeks, if not months and years, attempting to rectify. They will either occupy every moment of my ever-decreasing spare time, or will follow me around as a great big burden for months to come.

How I wish that we would engage our brains before steaming ahead with those good intentions of ours. To ponder a little, to do a little strategic planning, to work through the pros and cons before diving headlong into disaster.

What is it they say? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Something like that. Stop for a minute. Take stock. Ask yourself: are my good intentions enough? Or is this act of kindness in fact full-on wacko?

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