Compulsive liker

Sebastian just cannot stop himself liking my posts without even reading them. Within three seconds of me hitting the publish button, he will be there, affixing his face to the bottom of my latest post, like a rubber stamp.

I used to think he had diverse tastes and a spiritual tilt, and a passion for my writing. Of course not: he only wants to drive traffic to his advert-filled website. No harm in that, of course. He is a writer and wishes to promote his writing to as wide an audience as possible.

It’s working, for 450 bloggers regularly like his posts and dozens comment beneath his stories. Whereas me… yes, I believe three regular likers are sincere; the rest of them just spammers, hoping I will follow them back.

Oh, but fear not, for I have been there. If you want to advertise whatever it is you are doing, this is the only way. Follow in the hope of being followed. Like in the hope of being liked. This is the way of the world. Rub shoulders with the influential if you are to have any influence. To be anyone, you must first proclaim, “Here I am!” So be it. Over to you, Sebastian.

One thought on “Compulsive liker

  1. Sebastian didn’t like this post because I published it after his bedtime, but Dave was undeterred, both liking this post and following my blog in the hope I will reciprocate in pursuit of an affiliate link marketing career. Oh the irony.


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