Closing the door

It’s true. I’ve been time-travelling again, prising open doors that were never properly closed. Now an inner voice rebukes me.

Remember O soul, it says, the world is the realm of tests and trials. Those tests are finished. If you failed them, no matter: try to pass whatever is to come. Verily with hardship comes ease. Verily with hardship, another ease.

Move on now. The past which you keep returning to is finished. You cannot change anything that happened then. Move on. Everyone else has moved on, so you should too. Return to your present. Return to the moment which still sits in your hand.

It is just as your friend advised you last night: if a person in the past was hurt by my actions or rudeness, surely they would have remembered it. Leave these thoughts behind, they said: “Make dua for them if you feel you wronged them.”

Close the door. Double lock it. Screw it shut. Step away from the door. Turn away. Good. And back to the future: your present. Back to your world. Back to your moment. Live in your moment. Pass the new tests that come your way. Live your life better from here on. Let this be your moment to close the door on all that troubles you and causes you grief. Close those doors. Return to life.

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