These rooms

The past is a room we can no longer enter, a city we can no longer visit.

Some friends complain of glass and concrete ceilings. Some friends have smashed through them, now senior managing partners, directors, CEOs, influential academics and diplomats.

I hit my own glass ceiling years ago: self-confidence. Or rather the lack of it.

In my career, I have been following the trajectory of those that left school with no qualifications.

I have never been able to peer beyond the walls of the restrictive box imposed by my mental state.

I have been left far behind by my peers, who in their mid-40s are now leaders in their fields.

Me? I am the master of the metaphoric vegetable plot. I bring just enough home to subsist on, but we live a humble life.

That room I can no longer enter had a glass ceiling of my own design. Tomorrow I will enter a new room.

Who knows what the future has in store?

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