Shock and awe

The corrupt politician does not need shock and awe to take out the rocketeers. They have musta’ribin embedded everywhere, who, if they willed, could pick off their opponents one by one. Shock and awe is for a domestic audience, to blast to pieces any hope of the Yesh Atid party forming a national unity government to replace him.

Shock and awe is an appeal to the far-right across the nation to believe in Likud, to give it a mandate to return to power, undiluted by coalitions and compromise. Shock and awe is for victory in the battle within, for the hearts and minds of a bitterly divided electorate, disillusioned by the direction of their nation.

Shock and awe is an act of desperation, of man and his ego, raining destruction down on innocents to no other end than that he be returned to power by the cruel and merciless who believe only in the narcissistic megalomania of the self.

Shock and awe cares nothing for women and children, for livelihoods and dignity, for international law or divine right. Shock and awe is for men who have lost their souls and humanity, who do not believe they will be raised alive on an overwhelming day to account for their deeds: that day of eternal shock and awe.

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