Hermes the delivery company

Dear Hermes UK,

You probably don’t know this, because everyone is posting their thoughts about your company on the wrong TrustPilot page, but your company is receiving battering reviews.

I do feel sorry for Hermès, manufacturer of luxury goods, whose TrustPilot page has become a repository for all that is wrong with Hermes the delivery company. But that is the web for you. If you search for Hermes, Hermès is the page that comes up. Perhaps they spend more on advertising.

Oh, but Hermes, Hermes, how can you ever hope to improve, if you have no idea there is a problem? Your website glows about your five star reviews on TrustPilot. I’ve tried to tell you that it isn’t so, but the bots do not care. The bots behave like the delivery drivers… they never turn up.

I sigh aloud whenever I learn that my latest order has been dispatched by Hermes, for I can be nearly sure that said item will never arrive. So far, an 80% failure rate. That is poor. Really poor.

But perhaps this is what we deserve, as we demand products that rely on the exploitation of workers. Perhaps it is only natural that our purchases should be pilfered by people forced to work slave wages for relentless and monotonous shifts.

Perhaps we get what we deserve, and you do too.

Yours etc.

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