The current crisis is an indictment on the current government’s handling of, well, governance over the past decade. It has been given the power to impoverish a generation through a combination of mismanagement incompetence and malice. The Boris Johnson regime is just the latest manifestation of their hopeless stewardship of the social fabric of Britain. We’ve had a decade of their cruel rule, starving every worthy service of funding in the name of austerity. The past year has simply revealed them for what they have done to Britain. For the poor and vulnerable, this party has been a disaster; they have borne the brunt of the health crisis we find ourselves in. The health service itself, already on its knees from a decade of cuts to funding, training and staff, not to mention sell-offs, is supposed to fix everything. Building giant field hospitals in an emergency is futile, for a decade of cuts to student nursing places, the scrapping of bursaries for nursing students and long-running recruitment crisis means there is no one to staff them. A government best known for asset stripping everything cannot very well fix the machine in an emergency. It has broken Britain completely.

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