Unveiling hope

The apparition of scholarship is collapsing. Compare the learning of those parroting what they learned from men before them to those targeting disease-specific antigens with mRNA molecules, leveraging the magnificent power of the human immune system. Signs on the horizons and within yourselves.

For quite some time now, a friend in my circles has been undertaking similar research targeting cancerous cells. There’s no doubt that in a century or two, chemotherapy will be considered as barbaric as we consider medieval amputation today.

It’s a pity that our politics presently seem to be taking a great leap backwards, for research science is making huge strides towards more humane ways of treating pervasive disease and illnesses.

Some so-called scholars have been intent on revealing their ignorance to all through the present crisis. Despite their leading many astray, perhaps this is a good thing, for it has revealed them. We have seen what their scholarship is truly worth. They turn out to be peddlers of little more than folk legends, calling their followers to a truth mixed with falsehood.

Others though — amongst them pious folk, grounded in profound faith — have shown us a better way, embracing true scholarship which seeks to understand the material world and respond to its challenges with painstaking research and penetrating learning. In their response we embrace a beautiful hope, where many a sage sells us only cataclysmic despair and hopelessness.

Certainly the sheikhs of the interwebs have revealed themselves as purveyors of worthless learning. Thank goodness for teachers grounded in both science and the spiritual realm. Alhamdulilah for the great unveiling.

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