Young man! Do you even know who your handlers are? These unknown others who incite you online, from behind alias account on obscure platforms, chattering away to encourage the ignorant to act on their ignorance?

For sure, they are not proponents of your religion, for what they call to is not of your tradition at all. It is something alien, ugly, repulsive, newly-invented. These unknowns you take as guides only guide you to a devilish way. What they call you to is hirabah at best — a way of life harshly punished harshly without mercy by your tradition.

I don’t know who your handlers are. For all I know, they could be more trolls from Olgino, or Upavon. They could be the editors of Dabiq or Endchan. They could be more misguided men like you, sincere in their belief that all grey zones must be eliminated if the promised one is to come, to liberate true believers from the yoke of oppression. Who knows?

For sure it is a dead-end avenue: the end of the road. What you have been called to and what you now call to too is not of the Way you claim as your own. It is anarchy, insanity, brigandage. You die a dishonourable death, accursed. You are of those who cause corruption on the earth. Losers.

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