Terrorism — the act of randomly targeting civilians with violence — is nothing but a tool of imperialism. It only serves to provide states with justification to invade and occupy far-off lands. It is of no benefit to the common man, at home or abroad. Indeed, the only real beneficiaries are arms manufacturers and the ruling classes (often intertwined), who benefit directly from the never-ending wars waged to secure control of petrocarbons, tin, tungsten, tantalem, gold and water.

I don’t know why vigilantes go on their murderous rampages, for it brings nothing but harm: terror rained down from the sky on innocents by the vengeful armies operating the most lethal weaponry ever conceived. Terrorism only ensures that the Nobel Peace Prize laureate liquidates unworthy lives by remote control; that the champion of freedom, liberty, equality and civilisation will send yet more mercenaries into battle, yet more frigates and destroyers, yet more helicopter gunships and fighter jets, to bolster war criminals, to impose order, to inflict unfair stability, to trample on the freedoms of the little people in briefly independent states.

If you are a vigilante, inclined to perpetrate wanton acts of violence: desist! Stop, engage your brain, and think. Who, really, are you serving? Whose interests do you benefit? No doubt, the taste of vengeance is delicious, addictive and strong, but it is all a mirage, unreal. You will die your death over and over for eternity, innocents will curse you forever, and your greedy overlords will rub their hands in glee, laughing at your stupidity, as the chain reaction you set in motion fills their pockets with gold.

Be peacemakers. Strive for peace. “Fight those who fight you alone, but do not transgress the limits, and if they incline to peace, incline to peace.” Do not cut down innocents enjoying a walk in the park, enjoying a night out with family and friends. Do not attack those who do you no harm. Do not allow your rage to consume you. Do not become a tool for those you believe are your enemies. Do not be the cause of the destruction of your people.

Stand strong as a productive member of society, contributing to the betterment of people’s lives, standing witness against the warmongers. By your fruit the people will know you. Be a force for good in the world. Stand up for all that is just and virtuous. Defend the poor and the weak. Spend your wealth on food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless.

If you must be a vigilante, be a vigilante for knowledge, education, science. Be a vigilante for healthcare, safety, security. Be a vigilante against destitution, poverty, cruelty, violence. Be a vigilante for wisdom. Be a vigilante for peace. Be a vigilante for justice. And stand firm.

Be just, even against your own self. And be vigilant, always on guard, against the call of your devils, known and unknown. Be a vigilante against your own soul.

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