Online dawah

You’re not calling anyone to faith; you’re driving them away. You’re not defending your religion; you’re undermining it. There is nothing attractive in your harshness and vitriol. Those that encounter you see nothing but the insecurity of narcissists massaging their fragile egos, and turn away repulsed. You say you’re keeping it real, defending true faith from the ravages of modernism. Rest assured, no pre-modern man spent his days pontificating on Twitter, castigating believers everywhere for misdemeanours great and small. Ironically, you’re the very model of the modernism you so despise. The dawah industry, I am led to believe, provides lucrative earnings, difficult to resist. But for the sake of all that is good and virtuous, please do. Resist the calls of the nafs which insist: you are so important, so vital to the deen, that you must speak up. No, for all of us — myself included — this is mere delusion. The Way does not need us at all. We need the Way to transform us. You’re not engaging in dawah online; you’re merely a slave to your own ego. Let us abandon this odious quest.

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