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The number of influential Muslims promoting conspiracy theories to their vast followings online seems to be growing. Proponents of coronavirus conspiracies have now incorporated a second strand: the murder of George Floyd, which sparked protests across the US this week.

One popular activist believes it to be a false flag, the deceased a crisis actor. With a straight face, he contends that it is a continuum of the coronavirus hoax, planned in advance by despicable elites. Another sees it as a prelude to the long-awaited Dajjal, whose arrival is still imminent, as it has been for two millennia.

The tragedy is that the promotion of this worldwide “plandemic conspiracy” obscures the real scandal that should be exercising us, namely the utter incompetence and gross negligence of our leaders.

Consider the UK: it has the highest excess death rate in the world. Excess deaths (all causes) have reached 62,000 — 24% higher than normal. We are meant to be on the downward curve, but we’re currently seeing the number of deaths at the start of summer that we’d expect in the middle of winter.

The 62,000 figure comes from the Office of National Statistics; the UK Government only publishes confirmed COVID-19 deaths, which currently stand at 40,000. Our government no-longer publishes international comparisons. Not surprising when the UK starts reporting more COVID-19 deaths than all 27 EU nations combined, as happened yesterday.

If there is a conspiracy, it is our government seeking to obscure the actual impact of the pandemic in deprived communities and, before that, of austerity and underinvestment in public health. The real scandal is the complete lack of preparedness, despite 2016’s Exercise Cygnus revealing that the UK would not be able to cope in the event of a pandemic.

We should be holding our governments to account for failings such as these. Instead we are pontificating about the New World Order once more, and the usual assortment of bogeymen from the Rockefeller Foundation to Bill Gates, as  they lay the foundation for a One World Government that will herald the arrival of the Anti-Christ. And by jove, these pontifications will really help.

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