A name

In his own Aramaic tongue, his name was Yeshu, Eesho or Eshoo; two thousand years later, it is impossible to say how it was pronounced back then. In Hebrew, we think it was Yeshua, from Yehoshua, derived from the verbs to rescue or deliver. His name was transliterated phonetically into Greek as Iēsous, roughly pronounced “ee-ay-soos”. Transliterated into Latin for the Catholic Vulgate, Iēsous became Iesus, the name by which he was probably best known until around 400 years ago. In seventeenth century England, the pronunciation of the name evolved from Iesus to Jesus.

Today, that is the name by which hundreds of millions of people know him; or as Jezui, Jesús, Jeesus, Jisu, Jesu, Yesu and so on. Millions of them mention his name in prayer, ending “In Jesus’ name.” Some claim to cast out devils, “In the name of Jesus.” Hundreds of millions testify that “Jesus is Lord”. Thousands have the name affixed to their car bumper or rear view window. Poems, hymns and songs praise this name. Some claim that only those who pronounce this name exactly will be saved.

Most people say that it doesn’t matter what his real name was; all that matters is their intention, for what and who they mean is known by the one they call upon.

How far removed we are from the source.

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