Yes, the so-called “Mainstream Media” sometimes lies to you. Tabloid newspapers have repeatedly printed spurious stories for years, usually stirring up hatreds of minorities. Broadsheets too have printed made up and exaggerated tales which suited their political agenda. TV, radio and online media, managed by seemingly respectable authorities have all played their part in commercial, political and government propaganda through the years. Perhaps distrust of the fabled MSM is only natural.

But let us be clear. The anti-MSM movement lies to you too. Indeed, many of those most likely to rally against the lies of the MSM are themselves pathological liars, making up stories with equal temerity. On the internet, lies multiply, rumours passed off as truth, accepted on the basis of conformance to individual ideological beliefs. Their truth is grounded in opposition; because the MSM lies, by necessity their source of news must be true. This is nonsense, of course.

These days, I am regularly being sent videos and articles purporting to offer a counter-narrative to official explanations of current affairs, which claim to counter the agenda of plotting elites. Though diverse, one characteristic unites these sources of information: they are not factual at all. If we are charitable, we may say they are badly mistaken, promulgating ideas they believe to be true. If not, then we might say they are mischief-makers or outright liars, promoting misinformation in pursuit of agendas of their own.

Faith demands more than opposing one set of lies with an alternative set. It demands the pursuit of non-partisan truth, inconvenient truth, speaking the truth even against yourselves. It sets a higher standard, too high for most of us.

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