Mufti day

It’s true: some months ago I was a sometime admirer, celebrating his insight in certain fields, though I lamented his wit and quick humour. But the more he performs and acts in jest, and spouts nonsense to the crowds that follow him, the more I think to myself: “mufti is an idiot”. To be fair, he is learned in many a science — far more learned than I — and when he speaks of those topics, I relax. But as for all the rest: it’s just junk. He is simply performing for his audience, and it grows wearisome as the weeks and months pass by. So much puerile apologia for the ego, so much infantile absurdity. Learned as he is in some fields, often he speaks in pure ignorance, imparting such stupidity as to make mockery of whatever good he puts forth. What a shame. In speaking so much, at such length, so regularly, he undermines his own message. Naturally his diehard fans will defend him, celebrating his entire corpus against criticism. Others of us though, who embraced the good of his speech while charitably ignoring the nonsense, now find ourselves turning away completely. Just another scholar, like so many others before him, who alienated those who looked up to them through the childish, combative, obtuse spectacle played out in public, week after week. Of course, we have been here before, repeatedly. Preachers of religion are almost always a severe disappointment. Prefer the simpleton minding his flock; the obscure soul banished to the far periphery of society. Tired of performers playing religion, pretending to be guides.

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