The past few weeks, this verse keeps on springing to my mind;

Indeed, God is not timid to present an example — that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it…

Look what has become of us due to something smaller than a gnat — the tiniest of microorganisms!

It has changed life so completely. Even our self-confident rulers, strutting about so arrogantly only weeks ago, have been brought low by a minuscule clump of protein molecules.


One thought on “Subhanallah

  1. This blogpost reminded me of a Facebook post by Imam Anas Hlayhel. Below I copy some of what he wrote/shared:

    An ant told its colony, “go into your homes or Solomon crushes you with his army” Quran 27:18. An ant understood the danger and decided to stay home

    “The Earth became so narrow on you despite its vastness” Quran 9:25. This is used figuratively when going through a calamity. But whoever thought it’ll be so literal?

    “When you’re free, stand up. And to your Lord pray” Quran 94:7-8. Don’t be sitting on your couch for too long. Stand up, walk, and make Dhikr and Du’a.


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