Null and void

For the noble sheikh that supports you, it is more of a sin that a woman removed her hijab and considered it freedom, than a learned man engaging in adultery with her. The hardline sheikh — once heard uttering harsh condemnation of those that listen to music for enabling a culture of permissiveness and liberalism — now states that it is a Muslim’s duty to support you. The steadfast one — once apparently a stalwart defender of sharia, unyielding in his attack on those guilty of all manner of misdemeanours — finds himself silent in the face of his friend’s. He used to speak of obligations in implementing the punishments due for what you have done. Fortunately for you, he has suddenly become the liberal secularist he always decried. Fortunately for you, the noble sheikh has come to embody the mercy of the way. Fortunately for you, you enjoy the clemency that the one with headphones over his ears never could. Fortunately for you, you are the victim of a Zionist plot, and thus must be supported in your hour of need, and every fatwa he proclaimed in the past now stands null and void.

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