If you are to believe the activists who have successfully merged politics and religion, and call it dawah, you have a choice. If your affinity is in one sphere, to be pro-Muslim — that is, to side with Qatar, Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan and Malaysia in world affairs — and stand against the anti-Muslim agenda of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE. If your affinity is in the other, then the same, but in reverse. Choose your camp wisely say the activists, intent on dividing the world into these two clearly demarcated binaries. In all that follows, standing for a cause means defending one side or the other. If an injustice is perpetrated on your side, ignore it. If it is perpetrated by the other side, amplify it. I say: why choose between these two camps? What do either have to do with faith? Be just even against yourselves, says the Book. It isn’t playing this game.

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