It’s okay, a contemporary of William Wallace has declared all that the wicked ones do halal, so do not listen to these modernists who, eight hundred years later, feel queasy as they read the rulings of the scholars of scholars. Of course, it is only modern man that is afflicted by his context, swayed by the culture and politics of his age, and knocked off course by political violence. Of course, only modern man is compromised by these unceasing forces intent on undermining true religion. Ah, but not ancient man, of course, who for a thousand years lived pure faith, unbuffeted by the currents of his own age. So embrace all that they declare good and true without question, adopt it wholesale in your own life. And when the modernist heretics come to you protesting of injustice and oppression, vanquish them, responding with unwavering certainty, declaring all that they object to not just halal, but commendable. For the scholars of old are giants, and modern men mere ants. Let injustice, immorality and oppression rule, for it is written on ancient parchment. You have no agency to affect change in the world around you, in your own time and context. Watch Kirsty Wark interview Thomas Aquinas on Newsnight. Listen as Eddy Mair interrogates Moses ben Nahman on drivetime. Let Fiona Bruce grill Roger Bacon and Ghengis Khan on Question Time. There are no new answers to the new question of the day, so embrace the pontifications of the ancients now and forever more.

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