There are no easy answers

The questions you pose apply whether or not you bring a creator into the equation.

The human mind cannot fathom infinity. If the universe or matter always existed and will always exist, however would we ever reach today?

Hence we believe in beginnings. Be that Fred Hoyle’s “Big Bang”, Georges Lemaître’s “primeval atom” or the Quran’s “mass all sewn up”.

The questions you pose are the same questions cosmological physicists ask about the self-directed universe. Hence the models they construct to attempt to explain what might have happened billons of years ago and onwards.

How is it that the first amino acids came into existence and survived long enough and in a large enough quantity to evolve into simple lifeforms in the first place?

None of this is simple. That is why we undertake research and dedicate our lives and even multiple generations to it. Theologians may over-simplify with generic explanations. Physicists take the long road, in an attempt to answer the same questions. Theologian physicists (they exist) may do both.

What is a quark? What is a quantum? Some people might give you a very simple answer, others may take a lifetime to explain it to you, and it still might make no sense to you. Neither approach necessarily means that a quark does or does not exist.

On any journey of discovery, you have to be prepared to take the long road. There are no easy answers because these are not easy questions. Nobody said it was simple.

Is your eye simple? Are the cells in your body simple? Is mitochondria simple? Is cognitive ability simple? Is the ability to laugh and dream and ponder simple? Is a gnat simple? Is anything really simple?

One thought on “There are no easy answers

  1. I find it rather easy in believing in the existance of a Creator.
    For an enzyme can achieve its chemical reaction in an amazing time frame. The alternative, without the enzyme, would take a time that is longer than the life of this Universe.
    However, it is difficult and challenging dealing with cruel people, religious and non-religious alike.


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