Bitter fruit

I think most men harbour malevolent traits which, if allowed to come to fruition, would blossom into the worst of deeds and perhaps heinous crimes.

It is the responsibility of each individual, then, to tame his soul, to dampen the calls to evil of the basest parts of him.

Some men, I think, are truly good, harbouring no ill intent or harmful desire, their hearts pure and clean, but they must be few and far between.

Others live apparently good lives, doing others no wrong, but squander all their goodness by associating partners with the Creator of all the worlds. To each their test.

For the common man cursed with malevolence within, there could be nothing worse than pursuit of fame, high-standing or power. Such a person will never truly be able to tame his soul. Ultimately he will succumb to the ills within.

Better to run to the hills and be a nobody. Better to sin alone, than to submit to the inner idols. It is hard to reform your soul. Probably the best most of us can do is flee every environment in which the seed might sprout and grow into a tree bearing bitter fruit.

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