“pls make this video viral”

Just received via WhatsApp, a video clip and this text:

An Israeli police man strangles a palestinian Child to death on saturday during the protest of US embassy move to the Jerusalem. The innocent boy even read Kalima e shahadat before dying. Despite many attempts by groups to upload this video to the Youtube, its been consistently removed and deleted from google, Facebook and youtube. pls make this video viral so that it reaches all the media.

Naturally, I won’t participate in making the video viral, despite the seemingly urgent request. Why? Because it’s simply not what it says it is.

It is not an Israeli police man: it’s a private security guard at a railway station.

It is not in Jerusalem: it’s in the Swedish city of Malmö.

Protests against the US embassy move occurred in December 2017: the video clip was published in February 2015.

The boy is not a Palestinian child: he is a boy called Amin from Morocco.

The boy did not die: he lives the precarious life of a street child unwelcome in Europe.

The video has not failed to circulate: it can be found all over the web, consistently claiming to show what it does not.

It only takes a few minutes to verify the information we receive. Easy if, for a moment, you set emotion to one side, and ask the right questions with a level head.

It’s okay to be outraged. Just let it be for the fate of little 9 year old Amin, that frightened unaccompanied child refugee now a teenager, slipping into the world of drugs and gangs on the deprived peripheries of Stockholm.

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