Ah yes, thank you, we know 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU, compared to 16 million who voted to remain. Sorry that you feel betrayed.

We also know that 45.8 million people were eligible to vote in 2016, so we have no idea what the other 12.4 million who didn’t vote think. Nor what the 1.4 million 18 year olds who were too young to vote last time think. Perhaps we’re about to find out.

What we do know is that the 20 million youngsters under the age of 18 will bear the brunt of the decision of the 17.4 million. What the future has in store, we do not know. Perhaps it will be good for them, perhaps it will be bad. Only time will tell.

Will 46.6 million people ultimately feel betrayed by leave means leave, or will we all have arrived at the promised land, sipping milk and honey, rejoicing in our freedom and sovereignty, having won our hard-fought independence from our colonial masters is Brussels?

Who knows. Time will surely tell.


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