I searched in vain amongst my brethren for a modicum of sympathy, or mere mention, for three hundred lives lost in a moment of barbaric insanity. Years ago it was decided, “To condemn is to admit responsibility.” Hogwash. A month ago, when a white supremacist cut down fifty souls gathered for Friday prayers in two mosques on the other side of the globe, local Christians came to our mosque to stand in solidarity and affirm, “Peace!” as they shook our hands on our way out. Is the silence I perceive because we have become too self-absorbed to notice the suffering of others, or am I merely out of touch? Perhaps it is the latter, which is why I search in vain, looking to the wrong spokesmen to speak up. Show me the profound words of solidarity.

One thought on “Solidarity

  1. Oh, you mustn’t ask our community to be vocal, at least not the loudmouths in the activist community that are always on our media. They’re still getting over being orphaned from the glorious Ottoman Empire. You really must show more understanding, brother.


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