White saviours

Oops, the sheikh went off on one, ranting about white converts, on and on, telling us what he really thinks. Ah, oops, but um, of course, not all white converts, and definitely not the likes of Hamza Yusuf, Nuh Keller or Tim Winter, and of course not those listening in, no never, back tracking as fast as possible. No, of course, the sheikh doesn’t mean you. No, just the others. Just the white saviours come to teach brown Muslims their Deen. Yes, those annoying ones, but of course not Hamza Yusuf, Nuh Keller or Tim Winter, who teach brown people their Deen, who are excused, because, well I guess they’re institutions. But the others? White converts in general? They’re just a pain in the neck, a grand irritation, what with their white saviour complex and privilege, and inability to just shut up and disappear and keep their opinions to themselves. The sheikh can’t stand white converts like these.

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