The fundraising lottery

Dear charity,

I recently pledged to support the good work of your organisation, which I was already familiar with having personally seen you in operation. We deliberately stopped at the fundraising display set up in the entrance of our local hospital for this reason.

However it was only when the paperwork came through that I discovered that I hadn’t just agreed a monthly donation, but had in fact joined your charity lottery, regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Clearly the fault lies mostly with me for not reading the pledge form properly, but I should add that at no time did the fundraiser mention the lottery as he spoke to us about the work you do. I would also like to point out that we were at the hospital for an appointment and were therefore preoccupied, as I suspect most good-willed people moved to pledge a donation that day would have been.

I wish to continue supporting the work you do, however I have absolutely no desire to take part in a lottery of any kind or any other form of gambling, and I do not want any money I donate to be used on prizes or associated lottery expenses. I would therefore be grateful if you could help me to cancel my lottery membership.

Lastly, please ask your fundraisers to be clear about exactly what it is that donors are signing up for, especially when they are operating in hospitals, where people are often feeling vulnerable and preoccupied by personal concerns of their own.

Your faithfully,


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