Dropping off

I think I am reaching that stage in life of being apathetic towards religion. No, not becoming agnostic, or rejecting faith, or ceasing to practice it. But growing disinterested in the clamour of activists, in the competing visions of faith, in the demands of communitarianism. Yes, I think I am becoming an apathetic believer, like so many others. Repulsed by the odious characters that now claim to represent us, I think this is the only way to preserve our sanity. Yes, we are disengaging and dropping off. This is the age of apathy.

One thought on “Dropping off

  1. Apathy in the age of utter (religious) stupidity, cult following, celebrity shuyukh, sugar coated spirituality, pointless argumentation and blind defense of our “heroes” is an intelligent and wise response.


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