Muslims, it seems, are intent on making our religion difficult to believe in. Many converts — who you would think would be foremost in smoothing the way for people — are now found trying to convince everyone they know that the earth is flat, and that an international cabal of Freemasons who control all things have taken it upon themselves to convince all people everywhere that the world is spherical, for unknown reasons.

If the notion that a group of men are omnipotent sounds like shirk — as they rule over our affairs with unchallenged power — it does not occur to our brethren, who have turned the ideas of irrational conspiratorial movements into articles of faith. Friends now hound me to believe as they believe, challenging me to throw away preconceived notions, borne of the scientific endeavours of mankind. These enlightened minds call on us to reject education and scientism — and everything we have learned to date, sneering at university degrees and experimental research — and embrace instead this new fangled faith taught to man via YouTube.

Reject this message at your peril, for it is the new orthodoxy of mystical circles of remembrance, where believers congratulate one another for not believing as the foolish believe, rejoicing in their privileged knowledge that separates them from the ignorant sheep-like masses. Disagree, and all of a sudden, dozens of men and women will pounce on you, like crazed doorstep evangelists, trouncing you with their proofs and evidences. Mention the endeavours of Ibn Hazim, Al-Farghani and Biruni a millennium ago, and they will be thrown back in your face, contorted.

It is depressing. My fellow believers are intent on making our religion impossible to believe in, depositing on top of its core and essence all manner of layers of wonder and conjecture that no reasonable mind would accept. In the process of adopting conspiracy theories as articles of faith, these apparently enlightened believers have stripped our religion of its spiritual message and its emphasis on worshipping and being grateful to God. What is essentially a rational message, has been sidelined by beliefs that have no impact on our day to day lives: vast conspiracies that deprive us of all agency, and prevent us from changing our lives for the better, stand in place of the teachings of messengers sent to guide.

I wish we could get back to that message.

One thought on “Restoration

  1. Indeed, we have made it so hard to believe in that not only are people reluctant to consider it, but many are leaving. Having to look upon the insecurities of a group of people, masquerading as the religion, is not enticing; but you’re not allowed to say so if you’re not an activist. And at some point, you will be accused of being a Zionist interloper or some other weird conspiracy as stream of consciousness.

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