Take heed

The people before you were destroyed because they used to inflict the legal punishments on the poor and forgive the rich. Thus have we been warned, but we remain heedless.

For the rich and famous amongst us, we are ever forgiving and merciful, minimising their sins as their seriousness becomes ever more apparent. Now their defenders exclaim that their beloved is not a prophet, but only a man, so as to excuse his misdemeanours. Yes, the brilliant one is but a man like you and I, just as much a sinner as any of us, so forgive him, for who of us is without sin? Yes, let him without sin cast the first stone…

What is this religion we now preach? For the rich and famous the law is silent. Grant your followers pride and self-esteem, and you may do as you please. Predatory behaviour is no business of ours. Speak not of safeguarding, or protecting the vulnerable. It is absolutely none of our business, because the wise one is a good man who defends the poor, stands up for the oppressed and speaks truth to power.

Without an ounce of shame, this is what the defenders and supporters of the man now proclaim, as they beg their fellow believers to follow suit, to advocate on his behalf. But I will not. Let this be a warning for the rich and famous, with their stupendous followings. Let them reflect on this fall from grace, this great oppression. If you oppress others, may you be oppressed, however rich, famous and self-important you may be.

I pray that the other predators in our midst — and there are many — pay close attention, and take heed. I pray that they resolve to take themselves to account before they are taken to account. I pray that this public humiliation serves to jolt the consciousness of those of us subsumed in sin out of complacency, to return in repentance and renew our covenant with God, and turn away from misdemeanours great and small.

May God protect us from such a public humiliation, and veil for us our sins, and allow us to reform our souls, and turn our lives around, and become truly the best of people in the sight of God. All the friends in the world, and all the followers, groupies and admirers, amount to nought if we fail in the sight of God. So take heed. Take heed before it is too late, and reform your soul.

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