The way the masses respond to the claims of their peers and pass them on without attempting to verify them in any way has set off a chain of thoughts within. An idea that has been incubating for some time now. About group think, about taking sides, about the unimportance of the truth, about the effect of politics on beliefs. What I have encountered over the past few years — even amongst the most sincere and zealous believers — tells me a lot about our seriousness in conveying what really happened today, yesterday or in the distant past. Verification and reliability are very far from the minds of most people, most of the time — and often it is enough for us to consider our companion or our respected sages truthful for us to pass on anything they tell us without a pause for thought. The question I find myself asking myself is whether this is a phenomenon peculiar to these times, galvanised by these strange technologies, or if it has always been so. These are the thoughts in incubation.

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