Bye bye InfoWars

So long, InfoWars. You won’t be missed. Long ago you were the beloved of Muslamic conspiracy theorists, who would insist Alex Jones was always pretty much on the money. Yes, in those heady days when 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs, perpetuated by the deep state in order to wage war in foreign lands and build a police state at home. Those were the days when the ranting of Paul Joseph Watson was considered cutting edge research. Ah, those were the days indeed, when everyone could vouch for your nonsense, depriving us as it did any collective responsibility for our lives. But all that is but a distant memory today. Through the Obama years, InfoWars transformed before our very eyes from spouter of nonsense that every paranoid Muslim activist could believe in, into spouter of nonsense that every paranoid anti-Muslim activist could believe in. It was all the same in the end. The gospel according to InfoWars had many disciples, and no doubt infamy will increase them in number. Alas we now have our own Muslamic Alex Jones preaching from the same gospel, only to the Islamised transcript. I guess we always will. Hate speech and spurious nonsense is very much in vogue these days. For laying those foundations you deserve full credit. If only today’s misfortunes were truly your demise.

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