Good News

‘Let him without sin cast the first stone,’ they retort repeatedly, quoting that little-known Islamic ruling from St John’s Gospel, reserved for the rich and famous. Full disclosure here: I am indeed a sinner through and through, so far be it from me to judge another. I just find it a wondrous thing that the common man is condemned for misdemeanours great and small, while the murderous caliph, alcoholic sage and adulterous scholar are free to do as they please, and the masses still celebrate and laud them for their contributions to civilisation and defence of the realm, convincing themselves that for the rich and famous, their religion is all peace and love and forgiveness, and it is only the common man who must take himself to account and be careful what he says. Fear not: the oppressor is oppressed, a victim of a terrible assault, harassed to commit sins by zealous followers. Have mercy on them, for it is not easy being rich, famous and widely celebrated. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

One thought on “Good News

  1. Brilliantly put.

    Shows how desperate, intellectually and spiritually insecure people are to want to blindly hold on to the rope of gurus than the Rope of God.


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