A message transformed

Our activists do not concern themselves with justice; they only deal in particularism. They consistently present only one side of the story to their followers, leading the unthinking and uninterested astray. Be objective: look at both sides, and weigh up all the evidence, and come to a decision or point of view based on the apparent facts, not on the agenda you wish to promulgate. And if new facts emerge which contradict everything you held to until now, do not just sweep them under the carpet, look the other way or pretend to be unaware: reevaluate your positions instead. Tell your following masses of the new information you have come across, which contradicts the definitive position you shared with them before, and which they then shared again and again, because they hang on your every word. Our activists, I note, never seem to hold those they advocate for to account. If a wrong is perpetrated by our own side, I note that we have nothing to say. No longer active or activist, but silent, compliant, dumb and duplicitous. We are masters of the politics of identity, and indifferent to true justice or just causes. We have transformed a message of warnings and accounting for what we do into the advocacy of a chosen people, and thus we cannot hold ourselves to account, and we cannot be just and we cannot be true or truthful.

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