A friend accused

How peculiar it is that people who spend their lives advocating for a legal system which condemns and in some cases punishes what it sees as moral crimes, all of a sudden forget all that when one of their own stands accused. All of a sudden the local law is sovereign, as they remind us vociferously that these are not legal matters, and their own stands accused only of moral infractions. All of a sudden they are oblivious to what they themselves have preached about these matters for years and years in the case of lesser beings, or of what they find in their books.

When asked about those crimes in the past, they would gladly have sentenced the accused to death, once the judicial process had justly run its course. In lectures and lessons, pamphlets and books, they would justify abominable punishments for all manner of acts of moral disobedience. But all of a sudden they are silent, as they advocate now for their friend, who stands accused only of repeated moral misdemeanours. No more will we hear condemnation of those moral transgressions, however theoretical or unfounded: no whisper that if their friend is guilty as accused, then they must stand and say they hate the sin and acknowledge it for what it is.

And yet, all the same, those who for years have disputed that legal rulings stand for lost verses of the Book, the recitation and writing of which were inexplicably lost when they were eaten by a goat, must forever remain condemned. Those who ask whether rulings which contradict the Book are really from the divine inheritance, must still be labelled heretics, and condemned for listening to their hearts, using their intellects or instigating their moral compass. Yes, those who delve into their Book, seeking out what it truly teaches, must forever stand condemned. For above the honour of friends, these are the worst moral misdemeanours of all.

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