The lesser evil

Most people don’t vote for the perfect candidate, only for the lesser evil.

Many who vote for the ruling party do so, not because they are fanatical supporters, but because they remember the old days of poverty, persecution and failing public services.

The problem for the ruling party is that the burgeoning youth, who now make up the majority of voters, hardly know of those days at all, and only know of life under this government, with its increasing cronyism and pursuit of economic growth at the expense of all else.

Only time will tell if populist electioneering, capitalising on the misfortune of others elsewhere, will be enough to sway the masses inclined to vote the other way.

Will voters see that grand saviour of the Holy Land, standing up for the oppressed everywhere. Or will they simply decide to vote for the lesser evil, however they perceive it and wherever they stand?

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